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We currently have newcomer professionals waiting for a mentor like you in several occupations: Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Marketing, IT Project Management, Brand Management, Data Analyst, and Data Scientist.



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improved their awareness of immigrant talent

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Why mentor?

Mentors are leaders. They give back to their professional communities. They coach people to achieve their full potential, and work effectively with people of all different backgrounds and experiences in today’s diverse workplace.

Giving just 18 hours of your time over three months could help change someone’s life.

Through mentoring I’ve learned about how things work in international markets. This is important learning for my company and for me, knowing that our increasingly diverse client base may have different ways of doing business.

Charles Marful

Director, Human Resources Tax Practice, Ernst & Young

You should become a mentor if:

  • You have at least two years of overall work experience in any field or profession in Canada.
  • You live or work in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.
  • You’re thinking about your professional legacy.
  • You want to share your industry knowledge with others.
  • You want to develop professionally.

Being a mentor can help you:

  • Learn leadership skills.
  • Build your coaching skills.
  • Develop your cross cultural communication skills.
  • Add to your professional network.



How it works

Here’s how to register, and what you can expect from the application process.


Step 1 – Complete the registration form.

Click the apply button on this page and fill out the registration form. A coach will then review your application.


Step 2 – Wait for your match.

Based on the information you provide, we will match you with a newcomer who shares your professional background.

Step 3 – Talk to a mentoring coach.

A mentoring coach will be in touch when we have found a potential “mentee” for you.



Step 4 – Meet your mentee!

If you agree with the match we have suggested, you’ll take part in an orientation session to get started in the program.

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More information

Find out more about being a mentor. 

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