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Everything you wanted to know about being mentored! Browse the list below for answers to frequently asked questions about the program. If you can’t find the answer below, please contact us.

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How can I take part in this program?


You will be selected to participate in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership because you expressed an interest in being mentored, and because you meet the eligibility criteria for the program. (See below)

What are the criteria for taking part in this program?

Clients Eligible to participate in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership include the following:

  •  Naturalized citizens
  •  Permanent residents
  • Ontario provincial nominees and their dependents
  •  Refugee claimants

Additionally, eligible clients must:

  •  Be legally entitled to work in Canada
  •  Have lived in Canada for fewer than five years
  •  Have English language proficiency sufficient to work in their field (typically Canadian Language Benchmark level 6-8)
  •  Have a post-secondary education equivalent to a university degree or college diploma
  •  Have a minimum of two years’ international work experience in their profession
  •  Be currently unemployed or underemployed (i.e., not working in their field of expertise)
  •  Have not previously participated in the program
    What's my role as a mentee in the program?

    As a mentee, you are responsible for your own job search and being an active participant in the mentoring relationship. This includes making sure you keep in touch regularly with both your mentor and coach throughout the program.  You are expected to act on advice and connections provided by your mentor.

    Will my mentor find me a job?

    The mentor’s role is not to find their mentee a job. Their role is to offer you to occupation-specific networks and advice. Mentors can provide you with guidance on how the hiring process works in many companies in the GTA, and may be able to help you prepare for an interview. They will be able to discuss with you the differences between hiring processes in this country and in other countries you have lived in. They will help you understand work culture in Canada.

    How long is the mentoring relationship? How many hours a week is involved?

    The time commitment is 18 hours during a three-month span. This works out to approximately 1½ hours per week. However, you and your mentor will decide how many hours you spend together each week or month. In addition to your meetings with your mentor, you are expected to conduct job search activities throughout the period of the mentoring relationship. Your coach will support you with this.

    Do I meet with my mentor in person?


    While we generally recommend that you meet in person, especially for the first few meetings, due to the current situation with Covid-19, mentors and mentees should meet virtually at this time. We will review this on an ongoing basis and communicate any changes or updates to you as needed.


    Will I need any training or support before I register for the program?


    Before you are matched with a mentor, you will need to take part in a job search program which will teach you the basics of how to find a job in the Canadian market. You will also be asked to participate in workshops on resume writing and interview skills as part of the training at the Community Partner organization where you were originally screened.

    What kind of support will I get during the mentoring relationship?


    Before you start meeting with your mentor, you will be provided with resources and an invitation to take part in a mentee orientation session to learn more about your roles and responsibilities.

    Both you and your mentor will have access to online resources to guide you through your partnership. These mentoring tools offer tips for mentors about how to best coach their mentees. They also contain information for mentees to help them in their job search. You and your mentor can choose which tools will work best for both of you.

    All mentors and mentees are also supported by a mentoring coach based at a participating Community Partner organization. Their role is to support you throughout the entire time you are being mentored and respond to your questions and concerns. The mentoring coach can refer you to other resources, services and supports to help you in your job search, and troubleshoot or provide advice if any problems come up.


    How do I get a mentor?


    Mentoring coaches from a Community Partner organization will match you with a mentor based on information about your occupation. Mentors are not involved in the matching process. If you do not feel that the match is right for you, please let the mentoring coach know as early as possible in the relationship.


    How do I know who my mentoring coach is?


    The mentoring coach who first assessed you for the program will become your mentoring coach. They will be your contact person for questions, comments or concerns while you are being mentored.


    Can I be mentored through the program more than once?


    No. Mentoring is only available to participants once. However, after you have completed the program as a mentee, we’d love to see you come back as a mentor, and share your experiences with another newcomer!


    How can I make the most of my mentoring experience?


    Open communication is the key to any good relationship. Throughout your time with your mentor, you should be speaking to them about whether or not you are fulfilling the goals you both set out at the beginning. You will also be asked by your mentoring coach to provide feedback on your progress and experience.


    What happens if I don't get along with my mentor?


    It is normal that not all relationships will be perfect. If you find yourself in a situation where conflict or any other problem has developed, please contact your mentoring coach. The mentoring coach will work with you to resolve issues. If you and your mentor are not right for each other, the mentoring coach will end the mentoring relationship early in the relationship and match you with another mentor.


    Why do I receive surveys from TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?


    We are asking individuals who were admitted to TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as mentees to complete these surveys about your partnership experiences. Completing surveys are a requirement for all mentees who participate in the program. Your insights and feedback will help us to review and improve our program that meets the needs of future participants. 


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