In 2024 TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is celebrating a significant milestone – the 20th anniversary of our program. Over these two decades, our journey has been marked by growth, resilience, and most importantly, the profound impact the program has had on the lives of newcomers to Canada. At the heart of this journey lie our invaluable community partners, who have played a pivotal role in this remarkable journey.    

Community partners are the backbone of our program, their unwavering support and dedication are instrumental in ensuring the smooth functioning of our program, ultimately contributing to the success stories of both our mentees and mentors alike. 

This milestone is also a testament to the hard work of all our mentoring coaches. They work tirelessly with mentees and act as the main point of contact for both mentees and mentors, answering questions, troubleshooting, and offering support and guidance, as needed. 

The impact of our community partners cannot be overstated. Through their collaboration and support, they have helped us create a nurturing environment where mentorship thrives, empowering newcomers to achieve their professional goals and realize their full potential.  

Hear from our valued partners as they share their motivation to join the program and the impact mentoring has had on their clients: 

ACCES Employment: “Partnering with the TRIEC Mentoring Program means so much to us at ACCES. Our clients benefit from being coached and mentored by industry professionals who really want them to succeed.” 

Achēv: “Being a partner with TMP has allowed us to support newcomers in an effort to integrate them into their profession.” 

COSTI: “When mentees themselves return to the program as mentors, the impact on the newcomers’ professional community and society is to be celebrated even more.” 

CultureLink: “Clients can utilize TMP as an add-on service, meaning they can continue participating in various CultureLink programs at the same time.” 

DBNC – Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Services: “TMP has immense impact on our clients, who are served via our Newcomers and Employment programs, as solid connections and networks are formed for the new immigrant.” 

Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre (Pickering Welcome Centre): “Mentors help identify key strengths, set goals, develop a plan to achieve those goals, and make job search a less isolating experience for professional immigrants.” 

HMC Connections: “The mentoring program is proven to lead to better outcomes for newcomers, including improved employment prospects and faster integration into Canadian society. This was a compelling reason for HMC to partner with TRIEC.” 

Humber College: “Mentors help identify key strengths, set goals, develop a plan to achieve those goals, and make job search a less isolating experience for professional immigrants.” 

JVS Toronto: “For JVS Toronto, the partnership with TRIEC and the TMP program have proven to be efficient tools in empowering newcomers to establish their Canadian careers, making a significant impact on their lives.” 

TNO-The Neighbourhood Organization: “We believe the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program is an essential component of the organization, which supports skilled newcomers’ employment.” 

WoodGreen Community Services: “The TRIEC Mentoring program takes away the group work of sourcing and matching clients with mentors. They are the subject matter expert and many of our clients benefitted/continue to benefit from the program and service model.” 

YMCA of Greater Toronto: “The TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is critical when serving newcomers for not just the mentoring match but also for knowing the current trends, enhancing organizational networks, and contributing in a collaborative way for newcomers to enjoy, grow, and contribute to Canada.” 

As we commemorate this significant milestone, we extend our deepest gratitude to all our community partners. Your invaluable contributions, unwavering dedication, and steadfast support have made a profound difference in the lives of newcomers, shaping their journeys towards success and fulfillment in Canada.  

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