We are proud to have CultureLink join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a community partner.

CultureLink is a settlement and community organization with more than 35 years of experience assisting newcomers in their settlement journey. With more than 70 staff members, speaking 30+ languages, the organization assists over 10,000 newcomers each year. They help newcomers in their job search, aid families in navigating the school system, and provide youth with essential skills and recreation opportunities. They have a range of community programs and services tailored for adults, children, youth, and seniors. This includes facilitating access to settlement services, promoting resource and knowledge-sharing, offering specialized assistance through the Newcomer Mental Health Program, organizing health and recreation activities such as NEAT (Newcomers Explore and Appreciate Toronto), and fostering a sense of belonging for seniors through their Active and Connected Seniors Program. Additionally, their Community Connections Mentorship Program (CCMP) supports newcomers in establishing both social and professional networks through mentoring and networking events. 

Rakesh Bhardwaj, Manager, Community Connections Mentorship Program (CCMP) and Rebecca Newton Project Manager at CultureLink shares why they wanted to be involved in the program.

Why did CultureLink decide to become a community partner in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

CultureLink was excited to become a community partner in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership because this work directly aligns with our mission to support community development, foster diversity, and inclusion, and contribute to the settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada. CultureLink has a long history of providing mentorship programs for newcomers through our Community Connections Mentorship Program (CCMP). It was a natural next step to collaborate with the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership to provide further career mentoring opportunities to our clients.

How do you think the program will help you meet your Community Engagement goals?

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program will help CultureLink meet its Community Engagement goals in various ways. Not only does the program provides an opportunity for mentors and mentees to connect, but it also provides opportunities for development for staff and helps them connect to a network of professionals within the community. Mentees become active contributors to various community initiatives and programs and hopefully become mentors themselves one day.

How will newcomers benefit from the program when they register with CultureLink?

When newcomers register with CultureLink, they stand to gain a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance their settlement and integration into Canada. By joining the program, individuals can access a rich pool of knowledge, experience, and opportunities, offering valuable insights for more effective career navigation. The program also aims to demystify Canadian workplace culture and terminology, easing the transition into the Canadian professional scene. Participants will gain crucial labor market insights, enabling them to effectively leverage their experience and skills. Furthermore, the program provides a platform for building networks, uncovering hidden opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked. Participants will also cultivate a deep understanding of the Canadian context within their profession and keep up with industry trends. In summary, the program arms newcomers with the necessary tools and strategies for an effective job search, promoting a smoother and more successful integration into the Canadian workforce.

What would you say to another organization that is thinking about joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

We would tell another organization that being part of the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is a win-win situation. It’s great for clients who gain access to one-on-one mentoring, which allows them to get expert advice from a professional in their field and broaden their network. Clients can utilize TMP as an add-on service, meaning they can continue participating in various CultureLink programs at the same time. As a partner, we will have access to regular professional development activities, we can attract more clients and our clients have greater success! Being involved in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership allows us to contribute to positive change in our community.

If your organization would like to become a community partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, visit our Become a Community Partner page to learn more or email us to schedule a talk – mentoring@triec.ca.

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