Sarah Haqqani successfully transitioned from a five-year career in education in Pakistan to the banking sector when she moved to Canada. In 2019 Sarah joined RBC, and over the span of four and a half years, she acquired extensive knowledge about finances and banking operations. Sarah applies this knowledge to guide people in making wise decisions about their money.

What motivated you to join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a mentor?

I decided to join the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a mentor because I believe in the power of helping others succeed. Having gone through the challenges of being a newcomer myself, I understand how important guidance and support can be during this transition. By becoming a mentor, I aim to share my experiences, offer valuable insights, and provide a helping hand to fellow newcomers. It’s my way of giving back to the community and making the journey easier for those who are starting a new chapter in their lives.

How have you supported your mentees throughout the partnerships?

Throughout our partnership, I work hard to assist my mentees in various ways. I help them understand the Canadian industry, stay updated on current trends, develop effective job search strategies, enhance their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and prepare thoroughly for interviews. One of the most valuable ways I support them is by being understanding and attentive. When it comes to getting ready for interviews, I provide guidance on how to answer questions thoughtfully, showcase their strengths, and exude confidence in their interactions.

What has been your top mentoring moment?

Witnessing the growth and achievements of my immigrant mentee has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. Guiding them through the challenges of adapting to a new country, helping them explore unfamiliar career paths, and seeing their determination firsthand has been truly inspiring. Celebrating their successes, whether it’s landing their first job, excelling in an interview, or simply watching their self-confidence grow, is heartwarming. One of my most memorable mentoring moments was when my mentee shared that they faced similar interview questions that we had practiced during our mock sessions. These instances highlight the significant impact of mentorship in positively shaping someone’s life during a crucial transitional phase.

How has becoming a mentor helped you succeed in your own career?

Becoming a mentor has truly transformed my journey, offering me an opportunity to not only support others’ growth but also significantly enhance my own career. Through mentoring, I’ve sharpened my communication and leadership skills, gained deeper insights into various viewpoints, and expanded my knowledge. Guiding mentees through their challenges has led me to reevaluate my career path, recognize my strengths, and fine-tune my approaches. Witnessing their accomplishments and benefiting from their fresh perspectives has revitalized my approach to my own goals, infusing them with renewed enthusiasm and innovative thinking. Overall, mentoring has evolved into a mutual avenue of growth, where both my mentees and I progress together, fostering shared development and contributing to my professional achievements.

What advice would you give to someone considering mentoring newcomers?

 I would advice if someone is thinking about helping newcomers as a mentor, fully embrace the chance. Keep an open mind and be ready to share what you know from your own experiences. It’s important to be patient and understanding because newcomers might find it hard to adjust to a new place. Listen carefully to their worries, dreams, and goals, and give them advice that suits them. Be willing to be flexible since everyone’s journey is different. Give them support and both helpful suggestions and kind words. Remember, mentoring is like a give-and-take: you can learn from them too. Most importantly, feel proud that you’re helping someone start a new part of their life and seeing them do well.

Inspired by Sarah’s story and interested in mentoring newcomers to Canada. Find out more about becoming a mentor.   

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