We are proud to have HMC Connections join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a community partner.

HMC Connections is a full service settlement agency serving Halton Region and the GTAH.  They have 85 staff who are dedicated to helping newcomers settle and integrate into a community that is welcoming and inclusive.  They offer programs that include settlement, employment supports, social connection, language instruction and crisis services. Their agency is heavily partnered in their community to provide the best services to newcomers in their area.

Kim Jenkinson, Executive Director at HMC Connections shares why they wanted to be involved in the program.

Why did HMC decide to become a community partner in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

HMC decided to become a Community Partner in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership because of TRIEC’s excellent reputation for connecting newcomers and advancing their settlement process. We feel this will enhance our existing services and increase the reach and scope of our mentoring program. This partnership will give our clients a significant advantage in accessing the Canadian job market by broadening our mentor pool and deepening the experience that our clients will be able to access.

Collaborating with TRIEC will increase our capacity to build relationships with employers, and create networking opportunities for newcomers. It’s an avenue for HMC to expand its reach and impact. The mentoring program is proven to lead to better outcomes for newcomers, including improved employment prospects and faster integration into Canadian society. This was a compelling reason for HMC to partner with TRIEC. 

How do you think the program will help you meet your Community Engagement goals?

The HMC/TRIEC Mentoring Partnership can provide newcomers with access to a network of experienced professionals and employers. This network can be leveraged to enhance community engagement efforts by connecting newcomers with local resources and opportunities. Through mentorship, newcomers will develop essential skills, gain insights into the Canadian job market, and build confidence. This, in turn, will empower them to engage more actively in the community. Improved employment prospects for newcomers mean they are more likely to become self-sufficient and contribute positively to the community.

How will newcomers benefit from the program when they register with HMC?

Newcomers registering with HMC will have the opportunity to access the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program, which provides them with experienced mentors in their field of interest. The program can help newcomers enhance their professional skills, understand Canadian workplace culture, and build their careers, ultimately leading to better job opportunities. Through mentorship, newcomers can gain insights into Canadian society, culture, and employment practices, facilitating their integration into the community.

What would you say to another organization that is thinking about joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

HMC is thrilled to be entering this partnership with TRIEC.  The larger pool of mentors will mean a wider network for our clients and an increasing ability to find specializations within fields. Mentoring is both professional and social, there are many benefits from a successful mentor/mentee relationship and the program TRIEC has built will help us maximize the success of our newcomer clients.

If your organization would like to become a community partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, visit our Become a Community Partner page to learn more or email us to schedule a talk – mentoring@triec.ca.

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