In 2022, Salesforce Canada reached a milestone with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership with unprecedented speed. In under two years, Salesforce Canada employees mentored more than 100 skilled immigrants.

Each year, we take a moment to recognize our valued employer partners who have crossed critical milestones in their mentoring journeys, starting with 100 mentoring matches. Salesforce Canada joined the program as a partner in 2021; they reached the 100-match milestone in record time, the fastest amongst all Employer Partners.

In this video, Tara Tokatly, Vice President Solution Engineering and Abhishek Sinha, Senior Manager Technical Consulting speak about what the TRIEC Mentoring program and hitting their first milestone of 100 mentoring partnerships means to Salesforce Canada.

TRIEC CEO Gillian Mason presenting Tara Tokatly, Vice President Solution Engineering, Salesforce Canada the award

“The partnership between Salesforce and TRIEC has really brought us together as a community. It brought out the best of us. It united us on a goal. That goal is how do we help professional immigrants who are new to this country find a beginning and a new future,” says Tara Tokatly.

“This award confirms my belief in hard work. We’ve been able to achieve 100 mentoring partnerships. That is a big thing when we think about what we have given back to our community over two years. When it all comes together, we realize our impact,” says Abhishek Sinha.

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