Since 2004 over 12,000 mentors have registered in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program and have matched with over 24,000 newcomers. Many of the mentors in the program were once mentees themselves and decided to become mentors to give back to their community of newcomers. Several mentors see the benefits to newcomers and come back to complete multiple partnerships.

Every year TRIEC recognizes mentors in the program for their dedication to helping newcomers to restart and thrive in their careers in Canada. TRIEC mentors hit some significant milestones this year. 46 Mentors were recognized for Mentee turned Mentor, 10-, 20- and 40-time Mentor. They all received a certificate of recognition. Congratulations to outstanding mentors Veronica Seeto and Sanjeev Ohri, who achieved 40 partnerships and 20 partnerships, respectively.

34 of the 46 mentors who achieved the mentoring milestones agreed to be featured across TRIEC Social Media Channels. They include mentors: Harumi Yamamoto, Mahdi Zangeneh, Felisha Ali, Gustavo Genuth, Patrick Van Brunt and Baburaj Neelakantan, Farrukh Abbas, Ovie Ukeko, Behshad Sabah and Mina Wong achieved ten partnerships.

Mentee-turned-mentors recognized were Bilal Malik, Shruti Bhide and Thariq Aziz Usman, Fara Abrar, Bharti Bharadwaj, Lakshmi Arora, Nizar Issa, Lambrini Litsa, Shraddha Gotad, Abir Biswas, Suparna Biswas, Jennifer Green, Sima Sajedinejad, Mohit Setiya, Prathibha Elsa Thomas, Siddhant Sharma, Faisal Khamis, Alex Zhou and Vinicius Almeida.

We also published four blog features. Mentee turned Mentors Fara Abrar and Redwan Siddiqui, 10-time mentor Mina Wong and 40- times Mentor Veronica Seeto. Some extracts from the blog posts as to why they mentor and advice to newcomers:

Fara Abrar “Your mentor is your best guide in this new world. Their guidance is critical to your success. They are experienced, know the system well, and are there to help you – follow them! Value the time you have with them and make the most of it!”

Mina Wong: “Mentoring newcomers from different cultures has shown me opportunities to work with a wide range of people whose experiences may be completely different from my own”

Redwan Siddiqui: “As a successful graduate of the mentoring program, I contribute to a Mentee’s success in a more informed way”

Veronica Seeto: “I am motivated to keep mentoring so I can continue to meet and learn from some amazing, talented, and resilient people. It keeps me learning, growing, and staying humble. This has been a life changing and very rewarding experience for me”

You can view all the featured mentors here.

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