Sheridan College’s 15+ year involvement with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership has shown us the program’s incredible impact on the lives of immigrant professional clients.  

Mentees can expand their professional network through their mentor’s connections. This is a powerful and unique opportunity for newcomers who’ve left their networks behind when they came to Canada.

Janet Gaffney

Through mentoring mentees can enhance their job search skills such as resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies with the support and insight of someone already in their profession. These skills help them not only as they search for their first job in Canada but throughout their career.

Cultural integration is another way TRIEC Mentoring Partnership benefits mentees. Through mentor insight and guidance on Canadian workplace culture and navigating cultural differences, mentee transitions are made smoother.

Most importantly, so many mentees comment that the program increases their confidence, which is incredibly powerful when job searching. This increased confidence and feeling of empowerment helps them overcome challenges and obstacles in their job search, leading to quicker reconnection with their career.

Our clients say it best though and we’re delighted to share some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback mentees have given about their experiences:

  • “My Mentor helped me expand my network by introducing me to people in his network. Those conversations helped me better understand what to consider and what steps to take and improve my confidence level.”
  • “Mentoring really helped in molding me not only in a professional aspect but also in personal ways as well. Learned about the Canadian Culture and work ethics.”
  • “My mentor emphasized the fact that my skills, experience, and career path are highly appreciated in the Canadian Job Market which helped me seek out postings with more confidence.”

  • “The Mentorship program played amazing role to overcome barriers I met since I came. The most difficult barrier was absence of Canadian experience.”

  • “The TRIEC mentoring program has really made a difference in my settling in experience.”


Sheridan’s Community Employment Services proudly hosted the program and was staffed by one full-time mentoring coach – Janet Gaffney until March 31, 2023. TRIEC Mentoring Partnership would like to acknowledge and thank both Janet and Sheridan College for the outstanding commitment and collaboration that you have contributed to making the program what it is today.


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