JVS Toronto is a non-profit organization that plays a crucial role in Toronto and York Region, empowering job seekers to reach their full potential and helping employers build the workforce they need. With a vision that every individual has opportunities for employment, JVS Toronto provides job search services and programs to over 16,000 individuals annually across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). JVS Toronto serves the community through its 9 offices across the GTA and 150 employees. The organization offers a variety of job search services and programs funded by all levels of government. These services include job search workshops, resume and cover letter writing support, interview preparation, and individualized career counselling.

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Since 2005, JVS Toronto has partnered with TRIEC to deliver The TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (TMP) program, helping newcomers to Canada establish their Canadian careers. TMP is a great tool for newcomers to set career goals, develop efficient job search strategies, and establish their careers in the early stages of their settlement in Canada. Mentees receive valuable guidance from their mentors, who help them navigate the complexities of the Canadian job market.


The TMP program has a significant impact on participants. Mentees gain increased motivation, insights into professions, industries, and Canadian workplace culture, support on building professional networks, and faster integration into the labor market. Participants appreciate being connected to a mentor and the support they receive from the JVS Toronto Mentoring Coach as well as the resources shared by TRIEC.

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HK, a JVS Toronto mentee in July 2022, expressed her gratitude towards the TMP program, saying that it helped her sort out the basics of handling job applications and the interviewing process well. HK described the program as a morale-boosting exercise and considered herself lucky to be matched with a solid mentor.

As a community partner of TRIEC, JVS Toronto shares the common vision of helping newcomers connect with a mentor. The partnership enables JVS Toronto to ensure that newcomers in their programs receive valuable mentorship and coaching to build upon their international professional experience and secure relevant career opportunities within the Canadian workforce. “We believe that mentoring, combined with other employment supports, is a powerful tool to improve labour market integration for newcomer professionals. By connecting skilled immigrants with mentors who can guide them through the Canadian job market and provide them with industry-specific insights, we are able to help them leverage their international experience to secure relevant career opportunities within the Canadian workforce.” – Irene Vaksman, VP of Stakeholder Engagement, JVS Toronto

For JVS Toronto, the partnership with TRIEC and the TMP program have proven to be efficient tools in empowering newcomers to establish their Canadian careers, making a significant impact on their lives.

For organizations considering joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, JVS Toronto would say that it is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact in their community. The program provides organizations with a way to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by offering a valuable resource to newcomers in their area.

If your organization would like to become a community partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership like JVS Toronto, visit our Community Partner page to find out more, or email us to set up a time to talk – mentoring@triec.ca.

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