Humber College has been part of TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (TMP) since 2004. Humber has four community employment services sites in Toronto. The Mentoring Program is housed at the Humber Community Employment Services – North Etobicoke site. We have one Mentoring Coach. 

The impact TMP has on our clients who go through this program include:  

  • Lifestyle integration 
  • Job market education 
  • Personal and Professional growth 
  • Approach to targeted profiles and Canadian Job market 
  • Professional networking 

Maggie Alongi-Maxwell

We receive positive feedback from clients during and after they have completed the program:

“I needed guidance on choosing a career path and overcoming confidence issues. I found this “TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program” after a few months when I was desperately looking for something different than what I was doing already. I just had only a couple of meetings and I was already on track preparing for what path I wanted to choose. We had another meeting to prepare for interviews. Motivation is the secret sauce that boosted my confidence level. It helped with my interviews. My sincere thanks to the mentoring coach and my mentor.” –  Sujendra 

“My mentoring coach has assisted me at every step, helped me understand the job market and connected me with a perfect mentor to match my past work experience, profile and field of interest. My mentor has given his valuable time in helping me understand on how to achieve my future goals, gave his inputs on how to proceed with my future professional goals including in terms of certifications and career advancement.” – Ignatious 

“The relationship I had with my mentor throughout this incredible journey is beyond words. I can only express how I felt and what I learned during the first 90 days of this cooperation. I was most afraid of not being employed because I had no prior work experience in Canada. My mentor has assisted me in overcoming obstacles and gaining technical and professional skills through a variety of means so that I can get over my fear.

Trying to get a job in Canada as an immigrant based on your education and experience is challenging. Everyone needs direction, and TRIEC’s Mentoring Partnership program is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the profession and culture in Canada. In her efforts to pair me with a mentor from the IT sector, Maggie Alongi-Maxwell discovered Aaron, who has more than 10 years of experience in a variety of IT-related fields, particularly the software sector.

Aaron put a lot of effort into getting to know my strengths and limitations. Together, Aaron and I developed a methodical plan for enhancing my technical and people skills. We met frequently to discuss my progress and look for innovative approaches to enhance my overall performance as a rising candidate in the IT sector. The 90-day program included regular input from my mentor, game plans, and their execution. Through perseverance and continuous effort, I was able to land a position as an Integration Consultant at a reputable IT company.

It took time, effort, and a great deal of learning to get results. Everyone who is an immigrant works extremely hard to achieve their goals and puts in a lot of sweat equity. Things become more aligned with our professional goals when we get the correct guidance, like I did with the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Aaron, Maggie, and the sponsors of the TRIEC program for assisting me in developing and entering the IT sector” – Aakash

Being a partner with TMP means a connection with the community at large (clients, employers, community partners). People working together to help newcomers integrate and provide the support needed to succeed in their new country. A lot of learning from a mentor, mentee, and the community.

TMP is a valuable program, take it seriously and your newcomer clients will benefit a lot from the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program. 

If your organization would like to become a community partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership like Humber College, visit our Community Partner page to find out more, or email us to set up a time to talk –

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