Redwan Siddiqui is a Mentee turned Mentor. He completed a post-graduate certification in Supply Chain Management from Humber College right after he landed as an immigrant to Canada in 2018. He joined the TransX Group of Companies (CN Rail subsidiary) in 2019 and is a supply chain instructor teaching part-time at Humber College, Conestoga College, and Mohawk College.

How was your experience as a mentee in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program? How did it benefit you in your career?

My experience with the program as Mentee in 2019 was excellent and I am still in touch with my Mentor. He is a successful business consultant in his field. I got my job within a month of starting the partnership, so my Mentor mostly helped with my resume facelift, networking techniques, hiring negotiations, and strategizing workplace relationships during the early days of my career in Canada.

What made you decide to join the program as a mentor?

I wanted to pay it forward by supporting newcomer immigrants in their quest to relaunch their careers. As a successful graduate of the mentorship program, I contribute to a Mentee’s success in a more informed way. I believe I can offer a unique experience as I have walked on the same path myself.

Why do you believe mentoring is important for newcomers?

Mentoring is important for newcomers to have a closer look at the corporate world of Canada through their mentor’s eyes. The mentee gets answers to every question that they may have regarding the hiring process and the work culture. The mentor prepares the mentee for the job market and guides them through the job search process. Knowing that there is someone to correct you and show you the best-fit options is a great comfort for newcomers in their journey to rediscover themselves in the Canadian job market.

What advice would you give to newcomer professionals in Canada?

I would advise newcomer professionals to have the openness to embrace a diverse work team. With every new hire, companies get to onboard a new set of skills acquired from prior experience and knowledge of that individual. Every individual brings their differences to the table which results in the growth and development of the organization overall. Feel good about your diversity, own your differences, and be proud as a multi-lingual courageous immigrant.

Are you a newcomer wanting to reconnect with your career in Canada? Consider joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership.

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