Colin Baskind has been involved in all aspects of business, including manufacturing, distribution, marketing, purchasing and, most importantly, senior management. Colin was previously the CEO of Teltron Electronics, leading the company onto the South African Stock Exchange. He has a Bachelor of Commerce (B. COMM) and a Cost and Management Financial Degree (ACMA). 

What motivated you to join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a mentor?

I emigrated with my family to Canada 36 years ago. I remember the stress I experienced as a new immigrant looking for employment and, more importantly, I remember the important lessons that I learned. I was lucky because most people and organizations were extremely helpful to me in those early years. It was then that I vowed to volunteer my time, at some point, to help newcomers to the country in finding the most efficient way to find good employment that used their skills and gave them a feeling of satisfaction and purpose. TRIEC was and is an organization that helps immigrants in all the facets of the employment search. I felt I could provide a valuable service to immigrant job seekers through TRIEC.

How have you supported your mentees throughout the partnerships?

As a mentor, I support my mentees by addressing the most prominent issues in the employment process. I try to be honest, supportive, and positive in all my interactions with my mentees. Together, we review their competitive advantages, their educational and professional backgrounds, their specific set of experiences and skills and how these can be transferred to the local workplace. I have found that some people just need a few sessions to be able to get on their feet and find work. Others prefer to keep our relationship for a longer time. My support is for as long as the mentee requires it.

What has been your top mentoring moment?

I have had several memorable moments as a mentor. I mentored an individual for three years who was very underemployed. He wasn’t given much respect by his employer and his earnings were much less than his market value. I provided him with encouragement and moral support and helped him redefine himself for today’s employment market in Canada. I am proud to say that he landed a job which was perfect for him in all respects and to add to all this his salary almost doubled.

Another mentee underestimated his own talents and was intimidated at the prospect of finding work in a new country. After getting to know him and reviewing his resume, I realized that he had a lot of potential in Canada. I instilled confidence in him by helping him change his attitude and see how his skills were very transferable to the Canadian market. By turning what he saw as negatives into positives, I helped my mentee fully understand, accept, and appreciate his worth when he landed an outstanding position in his field and at a level higher than he expected.

Are you a newcomer looking for a mentor like Colin to support you in your job search? Join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership.


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