Uma Jillellamudi currently works as a Fraud Claims Analyst with TD Bank, adjudicating fraud claims. Before this role, Uma worked as a personal and business banking fraud analyst, in which she had the opportunity to predict, analyze, and investigate the occurrence of fraud and make the decision to mitigate risk to the bank and customers.

 What motivated you to join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a mentor? 

My motivation to become a mentor stems from my personal experience of stand-alone struggles in navigating the Canadian job market. Adapting to new place, breaking barriers, and integrating into new society is time consuming and daunting. I found that work culture, communication styles, application methods and the interview process is completely different. Intense research, attending several networking sessions and previously a mentee, myself helped secure a rewarding career in Canada. My own lived experiences have driven me to support new immigrants, thereby giving back to the greater community as volunteer mentor at TRIEC.  

How have you supported your mentees throughout the partnerships? 

My strategy for breaking the ice is via developing personal connections to familiarize mentees’ background, expertise. This helped set up unobstructed communication between me and my mentees, all of which has boosted confidence, and helped in setting up realistic timelines aligning with career aspirations of mentees. I share my personal experience, advise mentees about job search techniques, networking tips, and necessary certifications to excel in the field of interest. Additionally, I coach my mentees to develop targeted resumes and cover letters based on job descriptions. Moreover, I also share job openings that match mentees’ expertise, conduct mock interviews, and provide constructive feedback. 

I especially emphasize my mentees to pay attention to and learn about Canadian workplace culture and communication methods which may differ from their native country.  

Overall, I always assure my support to mentees, and I strive to ensure all my mentees achieve their goals and career aspirations. 

What has been your top mentoring moment? 

An unforgettable moment for me was when my first mentee received a job offer within two months of mentorship. That experience was so rewarding and made me feel extremely satisfied that our partnership was fruitful in helping a newcomer professional to settle in Canada. Thank you TRIEC for a giving me an opportunity to be a mentor. 

How has becoming a mentor helped you succeed in your own career?

Mentoring is like taking ownership of a project, you own the success as a leader, and you drive the individuals for a common goal. Stepping out of my comfort zone, motivating others, facing unknown interruptions, working with others who have different schedules, listening and presentation skills are some of the many skills I have improved working with mentees. Mentoring is a whole lot of encouraging yourself to encourage others, and this helped me a lot to prepare for leadership roles moving forward.  

What advice would you give to someone considering mentoring newcomers?

Be genuine and enthusiastic to help, place yourself in a mentee’s shoes and try to understand their perspective. Be a good host and set realistic goals, always be respectful. Provide immense support morally so that mentees share their thoughts and fears without hesitation. Be always ready to research, provide more options not just professionally but personally as well. Get to know the mentees background, experience, fears, all while providing the comfort promise of letting them know you are always open for help. Have an open mind, and be ready to learn from them as well, as their diverse experiences can teach you a thing or two! Mentorship is a long-term investment, so always cherish the time spent with the mentee and always provide your undivided support.  

If you are a newcomer to Canada looking to build your career, consider applying for the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program.


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