Marlon Velloza is a Business Systems Analyst. He moved from Guyana to Canada in 2021 and joined the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a mentee in July 2021 through JVS Toronto.

Tell us about your immigrant journey to Canada.

My journey to Canada was one that was simple and seamless but required a lot of preparation in terms of research, speaking with friends and family about the differences in services, housing, and general living conditions between my home country of Guyana and Canada.  At one point the process of applying and obtaining confirmation of Permanent Residence felt so easy that I felt something bad was going to happen….and it did, COVID-19 struck, stopped flights, and delayed my entry into Canada by 10 months. Nonetheless, with almost a year of waiting, I was able to use the time to properly prepare and hit the ground running when I arrived. 

What challenges did you face when you were looking for a job before joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

My main challenge in looking for a job was getting a call for an interview after applying. 

What support did your mentor offer you?

My mentor provided insight into the job market, workplace culture using their own experience, Do’s, and Don’ts of the application process. In addition, I was helped with resume reviews and feedback from industry professionals my mentor was able to connect me with.

How did participating in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership help you with finding a job?

I was able to develop the confidence to network with my peers, having knowledge of relevant topics to initiate conversations and express my expertise as well as utilize the tools and techniques provided by my mentor. This allowed me to skillfully network my way into getting interviews and eventually getting a job.

Can you share a top moment while participating in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

A top moment was getting advice, feedback and interview preparation from my Mentor and subsequently informing them of me getting the job!

What advice would you give to a new mentee about how to make the most of the mentoring relationship?

It is important to set goals and expectations as to what you want from this engagement. Expressing these clear and attainable expectations help to make for a great experience. 

Are you a newcomer looking for a mentor in your field? You can find out more about joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership here.

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