Doris Amaka is a Relationship Manager at BMO. Her previous experience includes working in banking in both the UK and Ghana. Doris arrived in Canada in December 2020 and joined the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership in February 2021 through, Achev.

What challenges did you face when you were looking for a job before joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

I didn’t know how to target my job search and my resume did not meet the Canadian requirements.

What support did your mentor offer you?

My mentor Dennis Cornier was incredible and supportive. I still remember clearly his first words of encouragement to me ”Doris! Don’t settle for less, else you will be working under your full potential and you will be frustrated. You will find something in your field soon, be confident, let’s work on your resume and job search together.” He connected me with other professionals who shared diverse ideas with me.

A few months later, I landed a role in my field as a Relationship Manager with one of the most amazing banks I had always desired to work for. I started the role in mid July 2021.

I really do appreciate all the help my mentor effortlessly gave me amidst his busy schedule. You do have a priceless asset in Dennis Cormier within your program and he must indeed be celebrated. This is not about me, it’s about celebrating Dennis and the TRIEC Mentorship Partnership program.

How did participating in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership help you with finding a job?

Through Dennis reviewing my resume and adjusting it to fit the Canadian requirements. We went through a mock interview practicing answers to the most common interview questions. It helped to build my confidence and focus on a targeted job search.

Can you share a significant moment while participating in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

The incredible commitment of my mentor and networking opportunities it presented within the short period. Finally when I landed the job in my field.


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