Daisy Liu is a Finance Manager at VirgoCX Inc. She participated as a mentee in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership through JobStart.

What kind of challenges did you face when you were looking for a job before joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

The challenges I faced were bridging the gap between my career expectations and the reality of the job market.

How did mentoring help you with finding your first job in Canada?

Mentoring helped me understand what to look for in a potential employer in order to find the right fit. It helped me to build more solid interview skills. I also learned what to pay attention to in employment contracts.

My mentor helped me to review my resume and pointed out some areas to improve in my job-hunting strategy. I gained a lot of support during the process and was challenged to think outside of the box. This helped me to rebuild my confidence during a tough period in my career transition.

Can you share one aha moment while participating in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

My resume couldn’t be generic, it needed to be more targeted to the positions I was applying for.

What advice would you give to a new mentee about how to make the most of the mentoring relationship?

Try to build a long-term relationship with your mentor and offer some insights that might help them.

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