Beatriz Gallardo Ruiz is a Journalist specialized in Social Media Marketing and Online Communications. She works for Publicis Media as a Search Supervisor. She holds a Masters’ Degree in Digital Marketing and Business Communication. Beatriz participated in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership though JobStart.

What challenges did you face when you were looking for a job before joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

I did not know how to build a resume and cover letter, as the expectations are different in Europe compared to Canada. I did not have any contacts within my network that could refer me for job opportunities. I was unsure of how to behave during a job interview or how to dress for them. I didn’t think that including a portfolio was necessary until my mentor suggested it.

What support did your mentor offer you?

He gave me feedback on my resume, helped me write a cover letter and recommended that I create a portfolio. We were in touch every time a new job opportunity came up and he helped me prepare for the interviews. We debriefed following the interviews to discuss what went well and how I could improve for the next interview.

My mentor connected me with some Project Management Institute (PMI) Toronto members. They invited me to volunteer for the association by supporting the marketing department. I got the opportunity to attend some conferences and courses.

How did participating in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership help you with finding a job?

By improving my resume, cover letter and practicing for interviews. I also grew my network by volunteering at the PMI Toronto.

Can you share one aha moment or significant moment while participating in the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

I remember how happy my mentor and mentoring Coach Aryan were when I landed my first marketing job in Canada.

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