Is the experience of being a mentor as valuable as having one? For Modern Niagara, a new employer partner at TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, the skills mentors gain are a valuable asset. This part of their organizational culture is great for mentees too, because it means they are being guided by someone who is committed to continued learning and growth themselves.

Modern Niagara is a national contractor that helps building owners, managers, and general contractors meet the mechanical, electrical, and building controls needs of their properties. Since August 2019, Modern Niagara has been supporting the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership by recruiting mentors from their staff to be partnered with job-ready newcomers.

Gavin Trewern, VP Electrical at Modern Niagara, talked with TRIEC about how they work to inspire their employees and what they hope to gain from TRIEC Mentoring Partnership. 

Gavin Trewern, VP Electrical at Modern Niagara

This is your first mentoring cohort with us. Why did you decide to become an employer partner?

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership aligns with our core values. We are driven, determined, and we do not give up, so we want to help others feel that same spirit.

Our company thrives on diversity. We believe that the more exposed we are to new and different ideas, the stronger and more successful our work will be. When encouraging our employees to meet and mentor others, they will also learn valuable lessons from those with similar backgrounds and different experiences.

We see this partnership as an opportunity to give back to our communities while living our values and continuing to learn and grow. This partnership is certainly an invaluable opportunity for our team!

You’ve got 2,500 employees across Canada. What benefits do you think your employees will gain from being mentors for newcomer professionals?

The experience of being a mentor is as valuable as having one. Our mentees are inspirations to us, they show us that it is never too late to keep learning, to keep improving, or to continue to develop professionally. Further, working with new Canadians will enhance our employees’ involvement in their community and help them learn further compassion and empathy to those around them and those new to Canada.

The skills learned from this partnership will also help our employees enhance their leadership, coaching, and mentorship skills. Learning is a crucial part of Modern Niagara’s culture, as we even offer in-house classes to advance our teams’ soft skills.

Do you think that immigration is important for growth in Canada? Why?

Canada excels because of the breadth of experiences that it is made up of. Each new person who comes brings knowledge and experience that is valuable to each one of us. As the world grows to be more connected, it would be unwise to assume that one culture would have the capacity to be as successful as many working together.

You’ve said that CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] is one of the most important files at Modern Niagara. How will the program help you meet your community engagement goals?

For us, it is our duty to give back to the communities where we live, work, and heal. In fact, we donate financially and in kind to the causes that our employees care most about. Our focus this year has been diversity and inclusion, so this program aligns with our priorities perfectly. On a more individual level, we believe this program will help further inspire, engage, and empower our workforce within their community and their profession.

What would you say to another organization that is thinking about signing up for TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

Only good can come from a partnership such as this one. Partnering with TRIEC allows your employees to meet new people and learn new things, it increases the number of people in your community with the skillsets your company needs, and it also spreads the word about the powerful and influential culture that your company has.

If your organization would like to become an employer partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership like Modern Niagara, please visit our Employer Partner page to find out more, or email us to set up a time to talk –


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