At TRIEC, we are proud to have the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) on board TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as an employer partner, as of May 2019. The LCBO is an Ontario government enterprise and one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of beverage alcohol. While its head office is in Toronto, across Ontario LCBO operates more than 660 stores, five Retail Service Centres, two depots, and a full e-commerce site. They are also a trusted wholesaler to grocery stores, LCBO Convenience Outlets and licensees. The LCBO transfers an annual dividend to the province every year that supports important public services including education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Jenny O’Donnell, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at the LCBO, shares why it’s important for them to be involved in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership.

Why did you decide to become an employer partner in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership? 

Diversity and inclusion is a priority at the LCBO. Our partnership with TRIEC reinforces our commitment to foster a respectful and inclusive workplace, it is also a great opportunity to learn, grow and give back. I was also a mentor with TRIEC and found it to be a rewarding experience; I saw the value in bringing this to LCBO.

How do you think the program will help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals?

The LCBO has a robust social responsibility platform centered around: Good People, Good Partnerships, and a Good Planet. Our partnership with TRIEC aligns with the Good People pillar, focused on improving the well-being of our customers, employees and communities. This is a great opportunity for us to welcome new workers to Ontario while giving our employees the chance to see things from a cross-cultural perspective and learn from others.

What benefits do you think your employees will gain from being mentors?

LCBO employees are passionate about supporting others as is evident through our partnerships with United Way, Pride or MADD Canada. The TRIEC mentorship program provides another avenue for our employees to get involved in the community while learning about others, their experiences, and creating two-way knowledge sharing that can help them grow in their careers and personal lives. Our very own senior HR leader, Marsha John-Greenwood, who has been both a mentee and a mentor, has written about the benefits of her experience with TRIEC

How will you promote mentoring to your employees?

As an immigrant to Canada and having been a mentor myself, I’m a passionate advocate for mentorship and am excited to promote this partnership within the LCBO. We’re looking forward to sharing success stories with employees that illustrate the value of mentorship. 

What would you say to another organization that is thinking about signing up for TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

Do it! TRIEC’s results speak for themselves.

If your organization would like to become an employer partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, please visit our Employer Partner page to find out more about what it involves, or email us to set up a time to talk –

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