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At TRIEC we are proud to have Meridian Credit Union join TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as an employer partner as of May 2019. Meridian is Ontario’s largest credit union and the third largest in Canada, helping more than a quarter of a million members in Ontario. Their members are served by 1,900 employees in over 90 branches, 13 business banking centres, their contact centre and corporate offices in communities across the province.

David Moore, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Meridian, shares what drives the firm to advance its diversity and inclusion program and why it’s important for them to be involved in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership.

Why did you decide to become an employer partner in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

David Moore, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Meridian Credit Union.

Our partnership with TRIEC aligns naturally with Meridian’s commitment to helping Canadians achieve a better life and helping communities grow. As an organization, we are focused on growth while keeping true to our core values which includes a collective responsibility to ensure an inclusive culture where our employees and members are valued, respected and have a sense of belonging.

Newcomers have always been an integral part of Canada’s continued growth and success, and we recognize that we need to do more to welcome new Canadians to Meridian as a place to grow their own financial and overall well-being.

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership presents an opportunity to support individuals in our communities by helping them develop the skills they need to prosper, and, just as importantly, create a network with new colleagues, friends and neighbours.

How do you think the program will help you meet your diversity and inclusion / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Community Engagement goals?

Community engagement is embedded deep in Meridian’s DNA. Nearly 50 per cent of Meridian employees donated, fundraised or volunteered for 425 different causes last year through our employee giving program ‘My Commitment to Communities’. TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is being enthusiastically embraced so far.

An important benefit added is that our participation will enhance Meridian’s capability to attract and retain top talent, engage with employees and leverage innovative ideas through diverse perspectives.

Do you think that immigration is important for growth in Canada? Why?

Generations of newcomers have contributed to the success and prosperity of Canada throughout history. The immense social and economic benefits contributed by newcomers cannot be understated, especially today in our global economy. Canadians are already predisposed to appreciate the various cultural differences that ultimately make lives better in our communities, in our workplaces and in the business sector. This insight gives the latter a better understanding of consumer needs and a competitive edge. 

What benefits do you think your employees will gain from being mentors?

Meridian employees who become mentors in the TRIEC program stand to gain so much, both professionally and personally, especially including: valuable mentorship skills to enhance their career development and insights, understanding, empathy — and perhaps a gained appreciation — about new Canadians and the challenges they face in their new home country.

Meridian Credit Union’s first orientation session with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership.

How will you promote mentoring to your employees?

We’re planning to get the word out both formally and informally to expand understanding and interest in this program. Our internal communications team has an ongoing communications plan that helps employees see the successes of this program, including spotlighting ‘success stories’. Informally, we are encouraging mentors to have open conversations with teams and groups throughout our organization as a network of champions to create interest in participating.

In addition, we have two executive champions for this program and we will be using every opportunity to promote this program and the benefits it provides on both an individual and enterprise-wide level.

What would you say to another organization that is thinking about signing up for TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

New Canadians make up a large portion of our population that will only continue to grow in the future. Any organization or business providing a product or service wants to better understand and relate to the customer of today – and tomorrow.

TRIEC Mentoring Partnership can help bring value to every aspect of an organization, from fostering employee engagement and leadership skills, to deepening cultural awareness of inclusiveness, sparking innovation and new thinking, and, ultimately, enhancing the customer experience. A first easy step to getting involved would be talking to your HR department to see if it’s a natural fit and how to best proceed.

If your organization would like to become an employer partner with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, please visit our Employer Partner page to find out more about what it involves, or email us to set up a time to talk –

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