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Camelia Bobb works as an Information Counselor in the not-for-profit sector. She is an internationally trained lawyer and came to Canada from Romania in 2001. She registered as mentee in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership through Sheridan College in 2006 and became a mentor this year.

Why Camelia decided to start mentoring

“I wanted a chance to give back, an opportunity to create positive changes. When I say mentor, what comes to my mind is responsibility and professionalism.”

The benefits of mentoring

“When you become a mentor, helping someone reach their goals can be as rewarding as attaining personal success. The time and the effort that you invest in the growth and development of your mentee as professional and as a person, is priceless. Not only do we have something to teach everyone but we have something to learn from everyone.”

What being a mentor means to Camelia

“Not only that you have an impact on someone’s life, you also create a legacy. Mentoring helps you realize how far you have come and reminds you why you were passionate in the first place. Taking the time to help others, sharing my wisdom and experience with them and treating them with respect is probably one of the least expensive but most powerful ways to change the world, one life at a time”

How Mentoring has impacted her Career

“LEARNING BY TEACHING” – I believe this motto applies to anyone who made a commitment to help others succeed. You become better and smarter while you are teaching others. When you become a mentor it reminds you why you were passionate in the first place and you get to realize how far you have become. Mentoring is a valuable source of energy and you should see it at a vocation and not a daunting job.”

Advice for a new mentee for making the most out of their partnership

“Stay positive, be committed, accept constructive feedback and take the risk of exploring new ideas, be open and honest don’t try to hide your weaknesses.”

Camelia’s three tips for a new mentor

  1. Be innovative and creative, reliable and consistent. Be an excellent listener, trustworthy, non-judgmental and ethical. Mentoring can change lives and careers but requires honesty from both sides.
  2. Listen and be quiet. If you think that your mentee is there to hear you talking about yourself a lot, you are in for a surprise.
  3. Be proud of yourself and stay motivated while you are doing it, as it is an amazing experience.
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