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Ali Raza immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in August 2013. With an MBA in Marketing and over 10 years of experience in different industries, he joined TRIEC Mentoring partnership as mentee through a bridging program with Access Employment, in November 2013.  Ali now works at TD Bank as an Associate Manager in Marketing Planning.  

How Mentoring helped when Ali Immigrated to Canada  

“It prepared me to understand the way things work here, how employers review candidates, what is important to employers, and how to create a resume that’s effective. When you arrive in Canada, you are out of your comfort zone; there are lots of things you are not sure of and it builds a lot of questions in your mind. So, you need someone to give you that confidence and reassurance to know that you are looking at things in the right perspective”  

Why Ali decided to start mentoring 

“I was in an ACCES Employment focus group at TD Bank, where I was asked how I ended up in my position, so I explained. Following the meeting I received an email from someone at TD who inquired if I would be interested in mentoring. I said why not! I wanted to pass on support to another newcomer, as I benefitted from the program when I was a mentee.  

The benefits of mentoring 

“I am a strong believer in Karma. Canada is a country with lots of new immigrants, and it can be very challenging for newcomers, Mentoring can help them navigate their new home.  For the mentor, it’s a great way of developing yourself. “You can act as a guide, an experienced professional and good listener.” 

You learn something new, learn about your mentee’s journey, and you make new contacts. 

How being a mentor has helped Ali in his career  

 “It is very different to being a mentee, as you are thinking about someone else’s career and their success instead of your own.  When your focus is on the mentee, it surprisingly benefits you. You build new skills in the process and discover this as you go along.” 

 Advice for a new mentee for making the most out of their partnership  

“Mentees need to be proactive. I can help guide my mentee but I cannot do it for them. A lot depends on the mentee to respond to the guidance being offered. The partnership is a two-way process; it’s about engaging the other person.” 

Ali’s two tips for a new mentor 

 “Be a good listener – When you listen, you get some great cues and can identify what is important to a mentee as well as what they are going through. You can also gauge their approach and mindset to the career advice offered. Every person is different and you have to build upon that to help and assist them with their journey”  

Engage with the person – ensure they are fully committed to the partnership. Once you build a relationship of trust and support they are willing to reciprocate, making the partnership worthwhile and effective.”  

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