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For the first time, in 2018, TRIEC is recognizing people who have mentored 20 or more recent immigrants to help them progress in their careers. Emad Bishara, a building engineer at the City of Toronto, is one of the mentors being celebrated for this outstanding achievement. Emad has worked as a civil engineer in different capacitates throughout the globe. Since joining TRIEC Mentoring Partnership as a mentor in 2007, he has mentored 20 newcomer professionals.

Why Emad started mentoring:

“When I came to Canada, it was difficult to find work in my profession at the time. It was also difficult to get guidance on how to find employment. I would have liked to have had someone to help me navigate the labor market with some of their experience. After having successfully integrated myself in the Canadian workforce, I decided that I wanted to help make other newcomers’ paths smoother and easier, smoother than mine had been. I thought if I had the opportunity to mentor, I could help my mentees avoid going through what I went through.”

Why other professionals should start mentoring

“I believe mentoring is needed in all professions – newcomers often do not know what’s required to succeed in the Canadian workforce. It can be helpful for them to learn about the rules and regulations of their profession and how to introduce themselves and become members of their respective professional associations. Mentors help make it an easier transition for them.”

What Emad has learned from mentoring 20 times

“Over time, I have learned to be a better listener, how to get the mentee engaged, set clear and attainable expectations, and become more informed, keeping an open door. The more people I mentor, the faster I can meet the needs of the mentee.”

How being a mentor has helped him:

“Through being a mentor, I have seen how resilient newcomers are, as well as how this country has evolved. I’ve improved my social, communication and personal skills, developed leadership and management qualities, increased my confidence and motivation, learned about ways of doing business in different countries and cultures – you learn from the mentees about how they do things where they are from. I have become a more well -rounded person by being a mentor.”

Emad’s mentoring highlights:

“I mentored one person who didn’t take no for an answer. He started out as a volunteer and went on to other positions. Guidance and persistence paid off, and he now holds a very senior role at his place of employment.”

Emad’s Top Tips for new mentors

“Be patient and accommodating”

“Be understanding of any difficulties your mentee might be going through”

“Take the initiative”

“Be clear about purpose and boundaries”

“Create an agenda for each meeting with your mentee”

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