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An internationally trained electrical engineer from Iran, Mehri Molanaie knows firsthand the importance of having a mentor who guides and supports you during that critical first job search in Canada. When Mehri first came to Toronto a few years ago determined to work in her professional field, she needed that help herself.

What goes around, comes around

When she first arrived, Mehri took several workshops at COSTI to get familiar with the local job search process and the labour market. That’s where she heard about The Mentoring Partnership.

“I was impressed with what the mentors were doing. I knew these people were busy. They had their own jobs, families, and still they were putting time in as volunteers to help other people,” recalls Mehri. “It was beyond my imagination that people could be that good for somebody they didn’t know and didn’t have any relationship with. At that time I knew that if I could find a job, I would do the same and help other people who are new to the country.”

Mehri kept her word. Now working as a project manager at Tetra Tech, an engineering company with offices in Canada and the U.S., Mehri is in a position to help other immigrant professionals with engineering backgrounds get their foot in the door. Therefore, when Tetra Tech joined The Mentoring Partnership as an employer partner, she seized the opportunity to sign up. A strong believer in the idea of what goes around, comes around, she is now paying back the community by volunteering as a mentor herself.

Hard work and persistence will pay off

Mehri believes that a mentor’s role is to be a resource, provide guidance and support the mentee. But it’s up to the mentees to find out what they want to do and where they would like to work.

She stresses the importance of finding a goal and providing a timeline: “You need to have a plan for yourself. The mentor’s role would be to review the plan and help you to see whether this plan is realistic or not.”

Based on her own experience, Mehri is certain that if mentees are eager to find a job, they will find it just as she did. It might take a bit longer than initially anticipated but it will happen. Employers are looking for people who are innovative, talented, creative, and driven. And if mentees can demonstrate that, they will be noticed.


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