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“When I do my research for mentees I always learn something new whether it’s about new technology or about the IT business field.  I definitely get something out of it.”

Why I started mentoring?

I like to help and meet different people.  Immigrants want to settle down and make a new life in Canada.  I want to help them achieve those goals and dreams.  I remember what it was like when I arrived in Toronto in 1990.

What makes mentoring meaningful for me?

Through mentoring I get to meet people and understand different cultures.  If I can help even a little I feel really good.  I feel as though I have accomplished something.

My approach to mentoring

Usually when I start a relationship I create a worksheet that includes important details such as when they sent out their resume and space for follow up.  It’s more strategic to keep track than to just send out hundreds of resumes.

What mentoring means to me

Meeting and helping newcomers reminds me of my past, of my immigrant experience.  It means so much when a mentee lands an interview or secures a job – it’s the best feeling.

My advice to a skilled immigrant who is looking for meaningful work in Toronto:

Be active and persistent in your job search every day.  Networking and volunteer work are both important and helpful.

More on mentor Kathy Wu

  • Application and Technical Support Specialist, North York East Office, Toronto Employment and Social Services, City of Toronto.
  • Mentor to 10+ skilled immigrants through The Mentoring Partnership.
  • Heard about The Mentoring Partnership through the City of Toronto.
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