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“Lots of newcomers don’t receive the right job search information. They need to get a little bit of advice, meet someone who can help them update their resumes, and guide them through the job search process. Everybody is busy, but we can all spare time for a newcomer looking to establish themself in Canada.”

Why Canada?

I moved to Canada looking for better life for myself and my family.

My international advantage

I have an MBA from England in financial management and I used to work for a multinational bank. I believe that my previous experience, my education, and language skills (I speak English, Hindi and Bengali) are great assets to this country.

My job search experience

Before I moved to Canada, I did some research online about the Canadian banking industry. I found out a couple of banks, checked their requirements for candidates: what they are looking for, what qualifications and licenses are required. I found out that there is mutual fund license that I would need to obtain to be able apply to the jobs in my field.

Once in Canada, I learned about ACCES Employment, their course for internationally trained bankers and The Mentoring Partnership.

Why I chose to mentor

When I joined RBC, I met lots of skilled immigrants who would ask me how I did it, how I found this job. I become a mentor to help these people. If I can change a person’s life in Canada, it would be a great satisfaction for me.

My mentoring experience so far

Since I joined The Mentoring Partnership, I have been matched with two mentees. My meetings with them are casual, social. I’m trying to get more information before mapping out what they need to do:what kind of qualifications and achievements they have, what their expectations and experiences are, and where they want to work.

My advice to mentees

Do some research before you move to Canada. Check banking websites to see what Canadian banks are looking for and what accreditations you might need. You will be better prepared mentally.

Sukanta Chowdhury is a Premier Relationship Manager with HSBC Bank Canada and a Mutual Fund Advisor with HSBC Investments Funds (Canada) Inc.


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