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“Skilled immigrants can contribute a lot to Canadian businesses. They know their strengths and weaknesses, and they’re willing to put a lot of energy in to prove themselves.”

How I learned about The Mentoring Partnership

I came to Canada in 2006 and started looking for a job in marketing and sales, but without local experience and education, I couldn’t find one. I decided to build on my analyst experience and become a financial analyst. While studying and doing a co-op program, I heard about The Mentoring Partnership from one of my friends.

Why I returned as a mentor

What I like about The Mentoring Partnership program is that it’s face-to-face. I wanted to share my job search success with other skilled immigrants. I believe I have enough to offer: good communications skills, ability to inspire people, and plenty of job search, and interview experience.

What makes a good mentor-mentee relationship

You always need to be professional. If you have mutual respect for each other and you trust each other, you can build a strong relationship. I gained a lot as a mentor. It helps me reinforce my skill set. The more you share the more you improve your knowledge.

What I tell my mentees

Skilled immigrants often apply for jobs for which they are overqualified. They need to position themselves right and inspire themselves. Remember: Don’t lose your patience and don’t give up.

Shawn Fang is a Financial Analyst with ABC Group Inc.


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