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“I believe everybody should mentor. If each of us does one match a year, it’s a huge number of mentees getting support they need. Try it. You never know how great it is until you try it.”

Why Canada?

Having worked for companies in India and Dubai for almost 10 years in marketing and communications, I was looking for a place with better opportunities that was relatively safe and stable.  Canada was a natural first choice.

My international advantage

Canada is a diverse, multicultural country. To target Canada’s ever changing demographics, most Canadian companies are looking for professionals who have more understanding of other cultures and people.  I bring that global perspective and experience to the table.

What I learned from my mentor

When I became a mentee, I had been in Canada for approximately one year. I learned simple things from him, such as where to look for jobs, what kind of industry publications to read, and the importance of networking. My mentor provided great insights on my professional field and helped me get to know the work culture.

My mentoring experience so far

I strongly believe everybody has a career in Canada; it’s just a question of them finding the right fit. It’s not something that’s impossible. Keep doing what you have to do. When the time is right, things will happen. Keep looking, keep trying and keep talking to people.

Sujit Fonseca is the Manager, Marketing Communications, with Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM)


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