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“As the president of a manufacturing and design company, I have to have strong mentoring skills to be able to lead my team. Incorporating mentoring of skilled immigrants into my workplace also ensures that my managers can work with diverse cultures.”

Why I started mentoring

I started by mentoring the engineers at my own company. Mentoring will be an integral part of business no matter how big or small the organization is. As my company grew I started thinking about new employees. Being in Mississauga it’s only natural to consider skilled immigrant talent. I wanted a way to learn about different cultures and international experiences.

Why I have mentored so many times

As a business owner I want to be a part of the community. You need to get involved and be hands on – to be aware of what’s happening around you.

What I have learned

I sit on the Mississauga Board of Trade’s policy advisory committee. It makes sense that if I understand community issues, then I can help shape policy.

How mentoring helps my company

As an employer in the community it’s important that we present the right image. Projecting a culture of mentoring is the right one in terms of corporate social responsibility.

My approach to mentoring

Typically I read the resume first. Are they presenting themselves accurately and in the best way for the Canadian market? At each meeting I try to increase their confidence. I really want to get them closer to landing the first job. We also talk about Canadian corporate culture and what newcomers can do to fit in.

My advice to someone who’s unsure about becoming a mentor

Explore the potential of mentoring to grow your business and the leadership opportunity it provides for managers.

Mentee Abraham Thomas on how mentor Mark Zimny made a difference

When I met Mark I was working in a survival job. Mark suggested ways to tweak my resume and what relevant jobs I could seek out as an engineer with experience working in power plants in India. I also started volunteering at Promation where I learned about engineering and quality standards in Canada. Today I have a better job as a quality control inspector and continue to work towards passing the second level exam through the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

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  • President, Promation.
  • Mentor to 10 or more skilled immigrants through The Mentoring Partnership.
  • Heard about TRIEC Mentoring Partnership through ACCES Employment Services.
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