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“It’s not just the mentee who gains something from the mentoring relationship, but also the mentor. Volunteering with The Mentoring Partnership is a good opportunity to stay tuned into your industry, gain new contacts and learn what opportunities are available.”

Why Canada?

My family was in Canada. I came to be with them in 2006.

My international advantage

I adapt quickly to new environments. I travelled a lot in India and never had problems adapting. That helped me here in Canada. I am also multi-lingual. I speak:  English, Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi.

My job search experience

I wanted to work in my professional field, as a mechanical engineer. That was the plan. I did some research before I came here, but I found it’s not the same when you are here. I knew that I would have to apply for my license and that there are some websites with job postings, but it’s only when you arrive that you learn how the system works.

What I learned from my mentor

My mentor helped me to find out more about the engineering industry. He told me about a few more job sites and reviewed my resume.

My mentor helped me to apply for my professional engineer license, which is a complicated process that involves a lot of paper work. You could have studied in the best school in your country, but nobody knows your school in Canada. However, if you say you are a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, then employers are more confident in your skills and abilities.

My mentor also brought me to his own company. We did some mock interviews that helped me build my confidence. We talked about the importance of “small talk.” Here, the system is very different. The first thing I learned was to call my boss by his/her first name. I wouldn’t have known all those nuances if it was not for my mentor.

Why I chose to mentor

I wanted to mentor from the moment I got my job. I recognized that newly arrived skilled immigrants might still be facing the same challenges I was. I saw my confidence built up through The Mentoring Partnership and wanted to give that encouragement to another newcomer.

My advice to mentors

Mentor with an open mind and remember that it isn’t your job to find them work. You are sharing what you know about the industry, about looking for a job and contacts who might help them.

Jaspreet Hothi is the Director at Enclave Engineering Inc.


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