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“I would say that signing up for a mentor through The Mentoring Partnership is the first thing new immigrants need to do when they arrive. Working with a mentor is the best way to learn about Canadian workplace culture and how to network. Your mentor can help you start to build those connections.”

Why Canada?

I come from Moldova, one of the ex-republics of the Soviet Union. My wife and I were looking for new opportunities and better life.

My international advantage

I have over ten years of international accounting experience.  I also speak Russian and Romanian.

My job search experience

First I concentrated on improving my English. Then I registered with several recruiting firms and got temporary work as accounting clerk. A contract came up in Europe for one year, so I took that for some steady work. When I came back I registered with JVS Toronto and they introduced me to the idea of getting a mentor.

What I learned from my mentor

I had no idea what an effective job search looks like here. I had looked mostly online for job postings, when in reality the hidden job market is pretty huge. You have to learn where to look for jobs in your field and who to talk to.

Breakthrough moment

I actually heard about my current job through my wife’s mentor who was working at Mackenzie Financial. She told me to apply and I did. I’ve been happily employed there for over a year.

Why I chose to mentor

My company is corporate partner in The Mentoring Partnership program. A few months ago they were recruiting mentors. I realized that I am much more knowledgeable about how to look for a job here.I can share my experience and help other people.

My mentoring experience so far

When I first met my mentee he had been looking for a job the same way I did initially. He was searching online and not using the right words on his resume. Within two months of us meeting he found a job. It feels good to speed up the job search process for another newcomer.

Nicolae Stanca is Senior Trust Accountant, Mackenzie Financial.


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