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As a professional services firm, KPMG counts its people as its biggest asset. The company is driven to develop its people and mentoring skilled immigrants has proven to be a successful strategy to do this.

KPMG has formalized its involvement with The Mentoring Partnership to ensure that time spent mentoring is part of the work day, reflecting the importance the company places on the program. Mentoring has even become integrated into employee goal setting and is built into annual performance reviews – ensuring that the professional development gained from mentoring is reflected in the employee’s evaluation.

KPMG is committed. Some staff have mentored over 10 times. It’s this display of passion that really effects change and is the benchmark that has inspired KPMG to surpass its commitment to skilled immigrant employment by reaching over 100 mentor matches.

Participating in The Mentoring Partnership aligns with KPMG’s Community Leadership Strategy. “We believe in helping newcomers get connected to the Canadian workforce,” says Michael Bach, National Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He also jokes: “KPMG wants to be known as the diversity employer of choice, so we push ourselves to contribute as much as Deloitte – some friendly competition that works in everybody’s favour!”

Joking aside, KPMG is keen to collaborate. Together with Fraser Milner Casgrain, the two companies hosted the first-ever joint corporate partner event for mentors and mentees. “KPMG is forward thinking for recognizing that there is significant value in knowledgeable, tenured immigrants who can help companies stay competitive in the marketplace,” says mentee, Alana Mohan. “I really appreciate KPMG employees investing the time and resources to mentor immigrants, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to developing people as a treasured resource and its belief that the return on investment will be worthwhile.”


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