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Deloitte Vice Chairman, Yezdi Pavri, is a firm believer in leading by example. Back in 2005, Yezdi championed mentoring at Deloitte and has since infused the practice into the firm’s culture. As a former immigrant himself, Yezdi appreciated the social imperative, but as the former GTA Managing Partner, Yezdi also understood the business case.

“Deloitte’s clients are diverse, so we need to be diverse,” says Yezdi. “Mentoring provides our staff with opportunities to learn about the cultural nuances of doing business in a diverse community. It also gets them excited to work for an employer that is doing innovative things to benefit society.”

Deloitte measures the success of the program by the number of mentors who sign on to mentor, not just once, but again and again – and there are many. Over 200 Deloitte employees have provided coaching and networking opportunities to newcomers. To support mentors, the firm has developed a mentoring guide that offers tips and feedback from other mentors.

The firm also views skilled immigrants as a growing talent pool and is eager to leverage their potential. “You can tell that Deloitte staff appreciate your international experience and education, and that gave me a huge confidence boost,” says Anirudh Vij, a current Deloitte mentee.

As Deloitte grows it continues to focus on skills, competencies and relevant experience, no matter where they were gained. Considering the inevitable changes in staff, it’s critical that Deloitte managers be equipped to lead an increasingly diverse workforce. Mentoring skilled immigrants continues to serve Deloitte’s business and staff development needs, while giving back to the community.

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