Canadian Work Experience Pilots Project
Why should I participate in the Canadian Work Experience Pilots Project?

Your time spent sharing your experience in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership through this survey will help countless other newcomer professionals. We want to prove that mentoring is effective in improving the employment outcomes of immigrants with professional experience.

The data we anonymously collect from you and others will be used by TRIEC and the Government of Canada to improve and grow mentoring to help future immigrants integrate into life and work in Canada more smoothly.

What is the Canadian Work Experience Pilots project?

Last year, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) announced an evaluation of programs and pilots designed to help highly skilled newcomers gain Canadian work experience in their profession. TRIEC Mentoring Partnership is included in this research project to establish further evidence that mentoring helps newcomers successfully find jobs that match their skills and training.

Why is TRIEC engaging in the Canadian Work Experience Pilots project?

This project is an opportunity to evaluate how mentoring contributes to helping newcomers to Canada find employment. Through the evaluation, TRIEC is building evidence to support our strategy to scale TRIEC Mentoring Partnership across Canada over the coming years.

What will the evaluation tell us about TRIEC Mentoring Partnership?

The evaluation will explore the extent to which TRIEC Mentoring Partnership helps immigrant professionals find employment in their field that is commensurate with their skills and experience, and the value it adds to other programs and services that newcomers engage with.

The research will also help us better understand the value of the program for mentors, employers, and other stakeholders. What makes this evaluation unique, compared to past evaluation of TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, is that it is a comparative study that looks at employment outcomes of those who have received mentoring, and those with similar experience and background who have not received mentoring.

What methods are being used to conduct the research?

TRIEC is using existing and new surveys of mentees, mentors, and employers to capture information that is key to evaluating program outcomes. In spring and summer 2019, TRIEC will also invite mentees, mentors, community partners, and employers to participate in focus groups to share further insight into their experiences with the program.

What is required of mentees and mentors?

Mentees will be asked to complete a series of online surveys. Links to complete these will be sent by e-mail. There will be one new baseline survey for mentee at the outset of your partnership.  Additional questions will be added to the program exit surveys and employment outcome surveys at close, as well as three, six and 12 months after partnership.

Mentors will be asked to provide additional information on the online survey that you currently complete at the close of the mentoring partnership. No new surveys are added.

Mentees and mentors will also be invited to take part in focus groups which we expect to conduct in spring and summer of 2019.

Participation in all activities for the evaluation is voluntary, and will not affect the degree of service they receive through TRIEC Mentoring Partnership, the research outcome is important to continuously improving TRIEC Mentoring Partnership and we encourage everyone to help ensure the best possible research outcomes by taking part.

Are the results gathered confidential?

The responses to any surveys conducted through this project are confidential and voluntary. Participation will not impact your service through TRIEC Mentoring Partnership. However, we do encourage you to participate.

All personal information shared in the course of the project will be kept by TRIEC. TRIEC’s evaluator, Blueprint, as well as other stakeholders. ESDC will only receive anonymized data to review. Insights shared through the final report will not contain personal information of participants.

Our research project at a glance:

As you take part in the program, we’ll ask you to share your experiences through a number of surveys. We would be very grateful if you could complete all of these surveys in full. We will send you the online surveys by email throughout your partnership, and for up to one year afterward. For more information, please contact mentoring@triec.ca. 

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