Mentor an immigrant professional and make a difference.

Powerful change is possible when people come together. Mentoring benefits both people taking part – find out how you can get involved.

Six Reasons You Should Become a Mentor:
“Create your own legacy and leave a lasting impact.”
“Build your coaching and leadership skills.”
“Become a leader in today’s diverse workplace.”
“Make a difference in someone’s life.”
“Learn about international business practices.”
“Give back to your professional community.”

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Do you have two plus years’ professional experience in Canada? Mentors share their knowledge and insights with a newcomer, building their leadership skills in the process.

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Have you immigrated to Canada in the last five years? Are you looking for work in your professional field? A mentor could help you build your network and reconnect with your career.

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Employer Partner

Build your organization through mentoring! Join the program to help change the lives of recent immigrants, and help your staff become leaders in an increasingly diverse market.

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Mentoring tools

Want advice on how to get the most our of your mentoring experience? Whether you are mentoring or being mentored, there are tools and resources to help you.

Over 16,000 Mentoring Matches

with Employer Partners including

Mentoring Moments

Mentors, mentees and employer partners share their experiences of mentoring.

When she came across TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Vimla immediately knew she could help newcomers by sharing what she had learnt over the years through her professional and personal experiences.

After landing in Toronto, Ovais signed up to TRIEC Mentoring Partnership through ACCES Employment. When he secured a job, he decided to become a mentor himself. He explains why he wanted to pay it forward.

CIBC joined TRIEC Mentoring Partnership in 2010. By 2016, they had provided mentors for more than 1,000 newcomer professionals. They share how mentoring has benefitted their organization.

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